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The 4wd Tracks we use for the 4wd training... 

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We've decided to create a new website portal dedicated to track files and mapping information by placing all our years of 4wding experience onto a system whereby track files can be downloaded.

One of the most common questions we get asked from those that have done the 4wd training with us is... 'OK, now that we've done the 4wd training, where can we go with our 4wd vehicle off the blacktop?!" 

Some we've trained will even want to take their camper trailer or caravan someplace, but where?!

Remembering that a 4wd vehicle that is on-road licenced is not by classification / technically an 'off-road vehicle', 4wd's are 'on-road vehicles' that simply have the capacity to go off-road. 

Some trainees have a specific area or track they want to tackle such as the Gibb River Road or through the wonderful Hamersley Ranges (Karajini NP), hence the reason for the 4wd training, but after these trips, where then??! 

The website is easy to remember as the domain is simply www.trackfiles.com.au (this is a encrypted secure website) and is hosted and managed by Ultimate 4wd Training staff. 

The website is currently being built and whilst it is being put together we plan on placing a few free track files up on the website and information on how to make the track files work on the different GPS systems, mainly on mobile devices where an internet connection is not necessary. Mapping tools work via satellite. 

A fair amount of expense goes into creating these track files to make them accurate and making them available to everyone online to download from, so to recoup the expenses incurred most of the track files come with a price tag as a downloadable item, though we plan to place a few track file freebies to get everyone started and information on how to implement these track file to make them work. 

We'll even plan to run a few adventure trips out there close to Perth so that those that are not so tech savvy are given the opportunity to get their heads around how it all works, night navigation exercises are the best ones for these exercises - as we find its a lot of fun navigating by GPS systems in convoy in the dark.     

We plan to have the website fully functional by June / July 2017 as that is the time-frame our Linux servers move to the NBN network, downloads from our servers won't be strangled after we connect to NBN. 

Please by all means take a look at the new website www.trackfiles.com.au as we bring everything together and make it work for you.   


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