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Pam Bennett
2020-09-14, 22:02
An amazing weekend traveling up, down and through places I would never have dreamed of going. Geoff, Cactus & Johnno certainly know their stuff, and are experts at instilling confidence and competence in you, no matter how inexperienced you are. Thoroughly recommended.
Jessica Stoker
2018-05-01, 12:34
We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.
Looking forward to getting out and testing out our new skills, and when we return I’ll get in touch to visit and discuss maps etc.
Michael Parkinson
2016-03-08, 20:44
I own a 4wd but until completing the training I don't think I had even locked up the hubs. A mate of mine was going on the course and said I should tag along, for a few laughs and I'm really glad I did. It was a great 2 days, full of laughs and adventure. The course also completely opened my eyes to what these vehicles can do.
Thanks Geoff for your patience on the weekend and the very enjoyable experience.
Chris Paulus
2016-02-10, 16:05
Thank you Geoff for the patience in teaching someone with no prior knowledge of a 4WD. I have learnt so much and am much more confident but this is only due to your professionalism. You were recommended to me and I am for sure going to recommend you to everyone I know.
Thanks again for a fantastic 2 days training(Rocky and Sandy terrain )
You run a great outfit,a credit to the 4WD community.Many thanks also to your team and perhaps we can tag along on one of your trips.
Murray Coulter
2016-02-02, 17:45
Pajero 3.2L TD (Training dates: 30th and 31st of September 2016)
I recently completed the 2 day All Terrain 4WD Course (30 and 31 Jan 16). I have done a bit of 4WDing but decided to look around for a course that would teach me the basics, iron out any bad habits, and give me a bit more confidence behind the wheel. The 2 days surpassed all my expectations. The hands on training provided by Geoff and his team in a controlled and safe environment was excellent. At the end of each day we were taking the vehicles through some terrain I never imagined covering at the start of the course. There was the added benefit of meeting some great people and having a few good laughs as well. A great 2 days that I would highly recommend to anyone.
James Kish
2016-02-02, 17:41
Limited Edition Jeep Wrangler (Training dates: 5th and 6th of September 2015);
What a fantastic few days! Trish and the kids had a ball and the course has laid a strong foundation for what will be many more family weekends away with the 4WD.
Thanks again to you and the team for your patience and great instruction.
Greg Odgers
2016-02-02, 17:40
GU 2012 3L TD Nissan Patrol (Training dates: 5th and 6th of September 2015);
Where do I begin. I found the course one of the best value for money activities I have experienced in a very long time.
Some of the stuff we did I would never have contemplated but you guys walked us though what I consider to be some tough situations and you did it calmly and professionally.
I now know so much about the capabilities of my car and myself.
I said to Kishey that if I were the CFO of a mining company you guys would have a contract with the company to facilitate a training programme.
Great two days guys I got loads out of it; was fairly exhausted on Sunday night let me tell you.


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