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COVID 19 Policy - Ultimate 4wd Training


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Ultimate 4wd Training COVID 19 Policy as of the 1st of January 2022

There is no requirement for participants to provide proof of COVID vaccinations or produce a medical certificate to Ultimate 4wd Training (U4WDT) staff, as U4WDT does not fall under either Group 1 or Group 2 categories of industries and occupations of certain businesses. 

https://www.wa.gov.au/government/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-19-coronavirus-mandatory-covid-19-vaccination-information - link may change due to the ever-changing rules being conjured up by the WA State Government. 

All the training exercises are conducted outdoors or via online self-paced learning.

Enrolments/bookings are initiated online, not face to face in a closed area. 

The outdoor (open area) training scenario creates for a low COVID risk environment for trainers, helpers, and trainees (participants).

However, the trainers can no longer have trainees ride in the trainer's vehicles and the trainers can no longer instruct from the passenger seat of a trainees vehicle, all training must be conducted outdoors in an open-air environment. 

U4WDT advises all trainees, trainers, and helpers to follow safe COVID 19 protocols such as the wearing of facemasks, social distancing applies and for participants to look after their own personal hygiene, even the consideration of wearing leather gloves, needed for vehicle recovery anyway.

Being that there is no set location for where we do the 4wd training, it is impossible to set a location for the purpose of contact tracing, so there is no requirement for the scanning of WASafe QR codes during any time of the 4wd training. 

COVID 19 can still be transmitted if an individual is fully vaccinated, the only protection is to the vaccinated individual (stated by some medical practitioners, but not all) - the participant's choice.   

So, therefore, it is entirely the choice of the participants to the 4wd training if they choose to be vaccinated, or not. 

Any extra passengers or a second driver in with the trainee must now only be family members or very, very close friends that are not exhibiting signs of a fever.  

If a participant feels off colour, we strongly advise rescheduling to a time when feeling 100% again. Please do not turn up for training if you are off colour, even with a sore throat, please stay away.  


If there is ANY sign of sickness, the trainers have the right to turn participants away and then participants need to reschedule their 4wd training dates. 

Any Government official that is not being trained by U4WDT that wants to enter the U4WDT 'workspace outdoors' unannounced WILL be required to provide evidence of double vaccinations or produce a medical exemption for Covid 19 - 21 days before any 4wd training commences to the Admin of U4WDT - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Government officials will need to arrange a date (where and time) and declare who (with full personal contact details) will be showing up on the day. Unannounced visits will NOT be tolerated. 

This includes all U4WDT administration facilities.  

All Government officials that have not given U4WDT trainers an opportunity to screen them by observation before training commences or during training exercised for any kind of fever or received very important enrolment/booking literature related to Covid 19 by U4WDT are considered by U4WDT - at VERY high risk at transmitting Covid 19 to U4WDT participants.

U4WDT trainers will no longer assist any random members of the public with 4wd vehicle recovery if we come across anyone bogged (notwithstanding trainees, we will recover you) or stranded due to mechanical failure.  

U4WDT participants' health and 'wellbeing' are of the highest importance to us and very much a priority.  



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