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Sandy Terrain 4WD Course

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This course covers all aspects of sand driving, from beach driving to sand dunes to even river crossings that flow out over the beach into the ocean. Considering that Western Australia coastal regions is mostly sandy plains, this course will definitely help in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to handle nearly 75% of off-road driving in Western Australia. There are many magnificent coastal areas to visit with a 4WD vehicle, this course will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to help you get there and back safely with confidence.

As with the Rocky Terrain course, trainees will not be assessed.

The course is based on a fun day out (which includes the family) with the security of knowing you are in very capable hands with very experienced 4WDrivers.

Assessments will be carried out in the field in a practical manner, hands on. Theory session's will include varying methods of assessment, i.e. a range of multiple choice question, trainee feedback, group (team) session and so forth.

Course outline, click here!

The cost of the Sandy Terrain 4WD course is $250.00, that's per vehicle up to two trainees.

For further information on the ultimate 4wd training experience 4WDing in the sand, please feel free to contact Geoff - contact details below...

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